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Bengeworth is now a Multi Academy Trust

Multi Academy Trust

Bengeworth Multi Academy Trust

On Thursday February 1st popular and highly successful local school, Bengeworth CE Academy, converted to a Multi Academy Trust - taking the next logical step on its journey to influence and engage schools in promoting exceptional outcomes for pupils across the locality. In tandem with the MAT conversion, Directors of the Bengeworth MAT were delighted to announce their partnership with Bretforton Village School, a new sponsored Academy operating within the new MAT. Bengeworth Multi Academy Trust Director Andy Martyr-Icke said, “This is a tremendously exciting and positive step for Bengeworth CE Academy. We have achieved success after success as a school, providing exceptional educational outcomes for our own pupils whilst continually improving opportunities and experiences for children and their families across the community. The chance for our established staff team to work so closely with the pupils, parents, staff and governors of another Academy on its own rapid trajectory of success is both a privilege and a mutually rewarding experience we are thoroughly relishing.”

With over 500 pupils and still growing, Bengeworth CE Academy has access to resources and facilities which smaller schools cannot access in isolation. The MAT is hoping to collaborate with other schools in future in order to support their own ambitions to advance and improve educational achievement for more children in the local area. “Whatever future partnerships we undertake, they will be rooted in our over-arching vision for inspirational teaching, high expectations and continually improving outcomes for pupils,” said Bengeworth Headteacher David Coaché, “The new school-led model for educational improvement provides real choice and opportunity for schools to seize the mantle and really make a difference, that’s what we’ve done as an Academy and that’s exactly what we intend to continue to do as a Multi Academy Trust.”