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Meet Our Team


Miss Lane 
Shadow SENCo


Hello, my name is Miss Lane. I am based at our Burford Road setting and teach Year 1 children.  I work alongside Mrs Sénèque to ensure the needs of all learners are met.









Mrs Judge - Lead Learning Support Professional

Hello, my name is Mrs Judge. I am resposnsible for delivering targeted interventions for children in Year 2-5. I work alongside the Inclusion Team and Speech and Language Therapist to support children in our school.









Miss Williams - Learning Support Professional 

Hello, my name is Miss Williams. I am resposnsible for delivering targeted interventions for children in Year Reception and Year 1. I work alongside the Inclusion Team and Speech and Language Therapist to support children in our school. I am also the SEN Governor for the school.







Miss Slowinska - Learning Support Professional for EAL

Hi my role is to support pupils that have English as an Additional Language. I work alongside the Inclusion Leader her responsibilities include:

·         The induction of newly arrived pupils.

·         Conducting initial assessments of pupils with EAL.

·         Teaching small groups of pupils with EAL.

·         Providing classroom support.

·         Liaising with teaching staff.

·         Advising on strategies to support and include pupils with EAL.

·         Providing advice regarding inclusive curriculum materials.

·         Advising on ways to differentiate work for pupils with EAL.

·         Encouraging and supporting pupils to maintain and develop their first language.

·         Developing relationships between the school and parents of pupils with EAL.

·         Acting as support to staff on language-related issues.

·         Acting as support to staff on equal opportunity and race equality issues.



Mr Kevin Mackelworth
Educational Psychologist

I am an independent consultant educational psychologist who works for Inclusive Vision Ltd. I am registered as a Practitioner Psychologist with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). I have been working closely with Bengeworth CE Academy for 2 years.

I encourage positive development and well-being of pupils within the school. I work with pupils who may have a potential barrier to their learning or general social and emotional development. My work involves classroom observations, and consultations with staff, parents and other professionals who work directly with pupils within the school. The purpose of these consultation meetings is to engage adults in collaborative discussions about how to remove barriers to learning and develop strategies to support the inclusion of pupils with additional needs within lessons.

I also undertake individual assessments with pupils to build up a profile or their strengths and areas of need. These assessments are used to inform recommendations for interventions and support. I work closely with the school Inclusion Leader and other members of the school senior leadership team to identify priorities for staff professional development and provide termly staff training sessions for both class teachers and support staff.

For more information of my role within the school, please contact the school Inclusion Leader Rachel Seneque

Miss Sarah Morris 
NHS Speech and Language Therapist

Hello my name is Sarah Morris, I am the NHS Speech and Language therapist currently working with Bengeworth Academy. I have worked at the school for the past two years.

From September 2017, I am here every Wednesday. I work collaboratively with teachers and classroom support professionals in order to support children with speech, language and communication needs.

I also work with pupils with a range of speech, language and communication difficulties in school. As well as delivering therapy sessions. I also deliver a range of regular training courses (e.g. Black sheep Narrative, Word aware and Talk About).

In the academic year 2016-17 we have achieved the following:

  • Set up specific targeted intervention groups including vocabulary, narrative and social skills sessions.
  • Whole class listening has been taught as a focus within Reception classes.
  • Children who have been referred to the NHS Speech and Language Therapy Service have received additional targeted support through a therapist and regular reviews of their progress.
  • Whole school staff training has supported staff in identifying and assisting children with speech, language and communication needs.

If you have any concerns or queries please do not hesitate to contact Rachel Seneque, (Inclusion Leader) on 01386 442047 Ext 216 or contact myself directly on