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Data 'Opt in' Form

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As part of data protection requirements under the GDPR framework we are required to gain parental consent for the use of your child’s photographic data.

We sometimes take photographs of children during school activities or trips and to evidence progress and work. If photographs are taken, they are used within school for the purpose of educating students, providing educational evidence, promoting educational achievements and celebrating events. Bengeworth CE Academy is always keen to promote the school and pupils’ achievements online via the school website, and through other media (e.g. newsletters, Facebook, Twitter). Your permission is required for the school to continue to use photographs in this way.

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By submitting this form you are providing consent for Bengeworth CE Academy to use your child's photograph for the purposes of promoting education and the work of the school. Photographs may be published within secure online accounts on social media and our own website, or occasionally shared with news organisations for the same purposes. Any photographs taken by the school will be kept for no longer than is necessary for the above-mentioned purposes and will be stored and disposed of securely. No photographic data will be held by us once your child has left the school.